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Anti Ragging Squad @ RIIT

Anti Ragging Policy

The following staff members are identified to co-operate in checking ragging of freshers in the College Campus. Any student (fresher/others) subjected to ragging shall report immediately to any of the staff members listed below for further necessary action. Your co-operation is most solicited.

1 Mr. C. Dhayananth Jegan Asst.professor 9443791059
2 Mrs. K. L. Jeyalakshmi Kala Class Counsellor 9487416927
3 Dr. R. Divya Thanga Asst.professor 9952993955
4 Mrs. S. Thilagavathi Asst.professor 9488385776
5 Mrs. R. Krishna Priya Asst.professor 9944978892
6 Ms. G. Revathy Warden 9597127655
7 Ms. A. Petchi Devi Warden 9750633382
8 Mrs. A. Nageswari Librarian 9486315739
Anti Ragging Implementation Committee

The following committee is hereby constituted to monitor the anti-ragging activities in the College Campus and to conduct enquiries about the reported violations of anti ragging rules and regulations by students if any. The committee shall conduct periodic meetings and submit a report to the undersigned.

1 Dr. K. S. Shaji Committee Chairman 9443311390
2 Mrs. S. Shantha Shobana Member 9443970400
3 Mrs. Anon K. Jenifer Member 9489618101
4 Mr. John Gerald Member 8973878566
5 Mrs. J. Jeha Member 9677483296
6 Ms. Vijaya Devi Member 9487606753