If you educate a man you educate an individual, but a woman you educate a family. - James Emman Kwegvir Aggrey.

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It is my proud privilege to welcome you all to Rajas Institute of technology, Nagercoil. We understand that the need to teach beyond curriculum is so as to make our students" Industry fit". A teacher enables a student to understand, where as a great teacher enables a student to realize. It is only when students go through studying ->understanding ->realizing, then they become good professionals and great human beings. In Rajas Institute of Technology, the immense pride is that our students receive the good quality of education. This is so facilitated by our experienced faculty members in paying the utmost importance towards quality teaching and practical training. The excellence of Rajas Institute of Technology is not confined to the class room, It is notably active in conducting conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures and other co-curricular activities, which expose students to aspects beyond the curriculum, and adding value to their professional success. The infrastructure of Rajas Institute of Technology sets the right ambience for excellent Teaching-Learning.

Dr. V. Gopi, M.E, PhD